What is web analytics?

The use of web analytics is indispensable to businesses looking to gather and analyze data for later use in marketing strategies. As onlin...

The use of web analytics is indispensable to businesses looking to gather and analyze data for later use in marketing strategies. As online marketing skyrockets in popularity, designing websites that fully utilize the various types of web analytics is one of the most important things a person in the web industry can learn. The following explains how web analytics is important.

The Professional Image Required for the Future of the Web Industry

While it is true that having a website is imperative for a business to reach and communicate with a continually increasing Internet population, many businesses see online marketing as a superfluous expense. Justifying marketing costs is a challenge for any business and the price competition among web production companies is intense. Why is this the case? Do the people in charge of online marketing just lack the correct knowledge?

No. Knowledge isn’t the issue, the difficulty of measuring the impact of online marketing and the fact that it’s a recurring expense is. While business owners can easily see the results of a sales promotion and recognize its impact on their business, they don’t want to spend much, or any, money on something that is unpredictable and has little guarantee of visible success.

The most serious problem lies in the gap between the returns expected by clients and the results achieved by the web industry to date. Currently, it’s easier to measure results and make improvements in online marketing than other marketing method, but the web industry has primarily been proposing new technologies without emphasizing this simplicity.

People who work in the web industry must be able to understand how to meet demands made by those who desire web solutions and utilize results from data Analysis. They need to be able to analyze data from a website, look at customer trends and preferences, create a sound marketing strategy from said data, and be able to adjust that strategy according to its results.

The Significance of Web Marketing

Being able to build a website that will draw customers in is one of the most important roles website designers fill today. Each page created has a purpose, for example, to attract visitors who want to purchase goods, register for a membership, or request information. The catch is attracting customers in the first place. No matter how great a website looks, it’s useless without visitors.

Web marketers i.e. online marketers are responsible for bringing prospective customers to a website and encouraging them to convert. In the next section we will be discussing web marketing.


Marketing is the umbrella term that covers the method through which goods and services are transferred from the producer to the consumer. This includes various forms of advertising, selling, and delivering products to their purchaser. You need to know each of these processes and activities.

What is Web analytics?


You will need to know the ins and outs of online advertising, how to charge for the ads you create, and the various transaction methods. Currently, there are new types of ads which require knowledge such as re-marketing and ad-technology. You may also need knowledge of how advertising works in newspapers and on TV. Finding that balance between online and offline advertising could be the thing that drives your marketing efforts into the realm of success.

Search engines (SEO, SEM, etc.)

There are many popular search engines available on the Internet today including Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will need to know how to utilize search engines, their mechanisms, and how they determine website rankings. It is also imperative that you are familiar with both keyword ads and product listing ads (PLAs) as they are two of the primary methods you will use when advertising online.

Web design, web system design, applications, and usability

Understanding how to create and use websites, the web system, smartphone and PC apps, mobile networking and how to implement easy-to-use websites will be invaluable to you in the future.

Social media

Understanding social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is extremely important to online marketing. The knowledge of how they work, their reach, the specific characteristics of each website, and how users behave on each site will help you create marketing campaigns that will appeal to your target market.

What is Web analytics?

Web analytics gathers data on consumer behavior that can help determine performance and ways to optimize your marketing strategies. The addition of data from offline sources can offer even more insights into consumer preferences and trends.

The Significance of Web Analytics

The ability to use web analytics to their fullest extent is one of the most important skills for online marketers to have.

Web analytics

Web analytics can measure online marketing results

The final goal of web analytics is not creating a neat report or learning how to use specialized software. By correctly understanding and performing web analytics, you can discover various problems and points for improvement, measure how much each online marketing activity contributed to business results and establish new marketing strategies. It can also be used to analyze organization-wide activities including those undertaken at physical stores, improve them and lead to actual results.

Profit is necessary if a company wants to stay in business; the use of accounting and web analytics increases revenue. Web analytics in online marketing is similar to accounting. To determine whether an online marketing strategy has succeeded or failed, you’ll need numerical data that shows just how many customers were attracted by the sale, an ad, etc… Numerical data is used by accountants to measure profits, losses, to calculate sales and costs, to determine what to sell in order to make a larger profit, and to decide what costs need to be reduced.

Web analytics needs to keep up with the evolution of online marketing.

There are a number of ways that businesses can create marketing campaigns. Some like to use marketing automation programs that utilize web analytics data to design and distribute ads. These programs were designed as ways to mitigate the burden on online marketers. While they are becoming more popular, they will never replace specialists that can read and extrapolate data in order to determine effectiveness and implement changes in their marketing strategies.

Web analytics is a field that is always evolving. Web analytics consultants are constantly seeking to improve their knowledge in order to create innovative strategies that will fulfil their client’s goals. One way of doing this is by using the web data they gather and analyze to optimize websites. Being able to utilize knowledge gained from user activity logs and user purchase histories allows a consultant to figure out ways to appeal to a specific target or target market. By transforming their knowledge into a way for clients to profit, they are able to fill the role of both the analyst and online marketer.

Web analytics is necessary as a common language

In the world of web marketing, new techniques and services are constantly being created. No matter what techniques and services are available, the definition of terms such as PV or conversion do not change and the root of web analytics remains the same.

Since results must be measured in all marketing methods, web analytics can be a common language in various situations. By learning web analytics first, before other marketing methods, you will be able to judge the effect of each method properly.

Web Analytics

As online marketing is sometimes referred to as digital marketing, web analytics is sometimes referred to as digital analytics. Web analytics picks up users’ voices from data they’ve left behind and uses calculated figures as a common language for improvement. Note that web analytics is different from access analysis.

Web analytics consultants should be able to figure out what roles a website is expected to play and what goals it is expected to achieve by first understanding their client’s business objectives.

When looking at the results of web marketing campaigns, consultants should be able to look at user behavior and the data gathered from text Analysis to determine whether advanced Analysis should be performed.

Just getting requests for materials via the website is not enough.

The problem is whether or not an applicant passes the credit check and if they will use the card regularly.

Narrow down the issues to discover what problem needs to be solved first. Is it the number of applications? The number of applicants passing the credit check? The number of regular users? You need to know what to focus on in order to focus the scope of your analytics and build a successful marketing campaign.

When performing web analytics as a consultant, do not forget to break down the process starting from the business goal.

 Bringing Business Results

Web analytics is used to improve business results. In order to become a successful web analytics consultant, you’ll need to be familiar with the following three topics: marketing and business management, the Internet, and statistics and data analysis.

Marketing and business management

To achieve successful results, you’ll need to understand your client’s business model and marketing style.

The Internet

You must understand how websites and online marketing affect your client’s business.

Statistics and data analysis

You’ll need to be able to utilize the data gathered from both online and offline sources in order to determine the best ways to improve your client’s online presence and help them achieve their overall goals.

Listen to Your Users’ Voices

You can think of data obtained through web analytics as the voice of your target market users. The phrases they search for, the pages they browse, and the links they click tell you exactly what they desire. Web analytics consultants can listen to what users are telling them and respond with websites and advertisements tailored to fit their needs.

Consultants can also use results from various Analysis to determine their client company’s performance levels and user satisfaction.

Access Analytics

Analyze search phrases, PVs, ad effect measurement results, etc. to help you understand ways in which you can help your clients improve their business.

Online Marketing Analytics Utilize data from competitor Analysis, keyword planner software, user testing results, web master tool data, and the Internet audience rating.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is generally performed offline. It focuses on looking at financial statements, sales and profits, sales activity estimates, inquiry histories from call centers, inquiries from phone or fax lines, and questionnaire responses.

Data from online sources can include PVs, user motivation for visiting the website in question, and postings made to social media sites. Each web analytics consultant must define their own scope of analysis.

The PDCA Cycle
What is the PDCA cycle? PDCA is an acronym for “Plan, Do, Check, and Action” and was originally born as a concept to facilitate production control and quality control.

In web analytics, completing this cycle quickly and accurately is more important than ensuring the viability of a specific strategy. Keep trying out small ideas and solutions; you will eventually figure out how to succeed.

Ideas and solutions can be suggested by virtually any source of inspiration ranging from a walk in the park to brainstorming sessions at meetings where you are presenting your report to your clients. As such, communication across the entire organization is essential to success. Since web analytics data is used as a common language for this communication, every person involved must understand the results of your Analysis and how the results affect them or the department they represent. When creating a report or making a proposal:

  • Make sure you have performed a cause analysis
  • Analyze the cause of any results from extrapolated data before forming a hypothesis.
  • Make sure you have tested your hypothesis
  • Confirm your hypothesis.
  • Make sure you have a solid plan
  • Plan and propose a strategy from your results.
  • Being able to propose and then implement suggestions is one of the main goals of a web analytics consultant. Following through with the PDCA cycle will just help you improve your client’s business even more.

The Future of Web Analytics

Data to Understand

Digital marketing is a term that encompasses the application of a broad range of means, not limited to web services, to online marketing. Digital analytics measures the performance of digital advertising campaigns.

As analytics tools and target environments change, web analytics consultants must look for new sources of information.

Offline data

You may need to analyze data from call centers and physical stores in addition to the data you gather from the web.

Understanding how devices, applications and browsers interact.

There are a number of methods you can use to understand the ways that users behave across multiple platforms. For example, you can consider the various user environments. Look at how they access the Internet and what kinds of platforms they use.

The offline measurement method and the integration method 

In order to track orders received at a call center, it’s common to design the system so that order ID’s are checked both on the website and at the call center (single sign-on). The staff at call centers often use the ID’s to check the caller’s purchase history. They can then tell the caller about similar products that they may be interested in buying. This method often results in an increase in the average amount spent per customer.

Please note that when using digital analytics, the measurement methods and units are the same as in web analytics. The new methods being developed for web analytics are also useful for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns performed offline and on multiple devices. You must also remember that if the users are not using the platforms you want to analyze, you will not be able to capture any data.

Future Concerns

Web analytics is a field that is growing in strength and necessity. There are, however, issues that can be foreseen and must be resolved in order to improve results.

Communication across departments

The future of web analytics depends on communication and cooperation. Once a company decides how it wants to engage with customers, it needs the organizational capabilities and communication skills to deliver. They might have to add staff or new departments and will most likely have to alter their reporting structure. Team members far removed from web marketing (e.g., public relations, sales promotion, shop, and sales) often have important roles to play, so being able to explain the importance of marketing activities in ways easily understood by all is vital to the success of the company.

Managing personal information

Privacy laws are in place around the world. While being able to track and associate user behavior, histories and personal information is great for companies using web analytics and developing marketing strategies, individual users may feel that their privacy is being infringed upon. Each user has the right to protect his or her own personal information. A way for the user to protect their privacy, such as a log out or opt-out option, is required when constructing a web page.

There have been companies that disregarded these laws in the past, for example a company designed a toolbar for browsers that collected user information. They were punished for their infraction and their story is now used to remind web analytics consultants that they should never collect marketing data in a way that impairs the dignity of the customers.

Movement toward DNT (Do Not Track)

Users who want their privacy insured can enable the DNT (Do Not Track) setting on their browser. A window that has DNT enabled blocks the ability of websites to collect personal information and cookies. Web analytics consultants must be very careful to insure that their marketing strategies will not trouble users and make them want to promote the DNT movement.

Ad Blockers

While ad and content blockers have been available on PCs for many years, AdBlocker Plus being one of the most popular, the very first smartphone content blocker was released with Apple’s iOS9 update in 2015.



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What is web analytics?
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